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Office of the Auditor general seychelles

Core Values

These are guiding principles which have a direct impact on the professional conduct of management and staff and on the service delivery of the OAG to achieve organisational vision and mission.


The provision of high quality service based on standards and best practices. 


The OAG should lead by example. Staff must at all times abide to laid down rules and regulations, be respectful and conduct themselves in accordance with OAG Code of Conduct.


The OAG must be independent of audited entities and other interested groups. Staff must avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Professional competence and development: The continuing professional development and personal development of staff is crucial to maintain and enhance the quality of assurances provided to the National Assembly and other stakeholders. 


Audit staff must deal with audit issues and findings with an objective mind. Judgment should be based on observed findings and not influenced by emotions or personal prejudices. Conclusions expressed in opinions and reports must be based on evidence obtained in accordance with auditing standards in force. Innovation: The Office being a learning and creative organisation constantly promotes a culture of developing and accepting value added ideas from its staff and external stakeholders alike.