OAG unveils a new logo

The Office of the Auditor General was set up as body corporate as per the Auditor General Act, 2010. The OAG is an independent and autonomous body enjoying a high level of administrative and financial independence from the government. The OAG has recently adopted a new logo in keeping with its image, reputation and mission to the Seychellois nation. 

Global recognition for the OAG

Office of the Auditor General (OAG) of Seychelles has been admitted as a full member of the International Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), which is the global professional grouping of all Supreme Audit Institutions operating in some 146 countries. The INTOSAI provides professional and technical development assistance to its member countries in the field of government auditing. The INTOSAI has developed auditing standards (ISSAIs) and practice guidelines applicable to various audit methodologies; financial, compliance, performance, IT auditing, etc.

Auditor General’s overview on the report for 2016

The National Assembly, Government and other key stakeholders have been demanding timely reports from the Auditor General. Hence, the presentation my first annual report in October rather than by the usual ‘December’ deadline.  More efforts are continuing to reduce the time taken to produce annual reports even further and, hopefully, to present them at the end of September each year. With this in mind, the twelve-month audit cycle has been realigned to run from August to July.

Performance Audit Report - Seychelles Port Authority

Press Release - Performance Audit report

Assessing the effectiveness of revenue collection by the Seychelles Ports Authority

The 7th performance audit report of Office of the Auditor General was tabled in the National Assembly on 23rd May 2017. The report assesses whether the Seychelles Ports Authority has been collecting revenue in an efficient and effective manner for the period January 2013 to December 2016.

The Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA), previously known as the Port and Marine Services Division (PMSD), was set up in 2004 and is regulated by the Seychelles Ports Authority Act, 2004, and the Harbour Act (Cap 90). The Authority falls under the portfolio of the Minister for Tourism, Aviation, Port and Marine and it is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The SPA’s vision is to continuously transform and sustain Port Victoria as a viable Maritime Hub, and their mission is to safeguard the maritime gateway to the Seychelles socio-economy by providing adequate and reliable port infrastructure and efficient services.  

Office of the Auditor General Blessed

Press Release - Office of the Auditor General Blessed

The newly appointed Auditor General, Mr. Gamini Herath, took office on Monday (3rd April) following a short religious ceremony conducted by Deacon Agathine, Mr. R.B. Ekanayake and Imam Ahmed Labiche representing the Catholic Church, the Buddhist Association and Islamic community respectively in Seychelles.