Auditor General, Gamini Herath, attended the XXIII edition of INCOSAI held in Moscow during 23 to 27 September 2019. INCOSAI, which is the largest gathering of INTOSAI members at any given time and place brought together over 600 participants. SAI Seychelles did showcase its report on Seychelles Coastal Management and played the video clip that goes with it at three different booths, namely, AFROSAI, ARABOSAI and ASOSAI. Our video was well appreciated by a large number of viewers. Copies of the report were also requested by a number of participants.

AG participated in discussions between AFROSAI-E and ARABOSAI for mobilizing funds for the former based on the MOU which came up for renewal in this year.

AG attended theme discussions organized by different working groups of INTOSAI; the themes being, (a) Information Technology for the development of public administration; and (b) the role of the Supreme Audit Institutions in the achievement of the National Priorities and Goals.

Possible bilateral co-operation between OAG Seychelles and SAIs in different regions was also explored in ad-hoc meetings. In this regard, the AG held one on one meetings with 12 different SAIs from different regional groupings.

AG also voted the Moscow Declaration which highlights the main conclusions of XXIII INCOSAI and the key areas where progress can be made in INTOSAI.

Through the live video show, all in all, the SAI Seychelles was able to make a big impression on the larger arena of INCOSAI.

The Moscow Declaration can be found on the OAG website; Reports, Downloads, Strategic Documents.

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