SAI Seychelles (OAG) in INTOSAI WGPD

INTOSAI Working Group on Public Debt met on 26th and 27th  August 2020 to discuss on the 2020 theme ‘implementation of SDGs: exploring the role of public debt auditors in the light of COVID-19.

SAI Seychelles participated in the meeting for the first time since becoming a full member of the WG in late 2019.

Enriching the participants’ knowledge and understanding of the issues relating challenges and opportunities in the audit of public debt, the representatives from UNTAD, World Bank, SAI China, SAI Indonesia and IDI made excellent presentations.

In view of the large number of member SAIs in the WG (some 37), the meeting was held in two days targeting two groups, of which OAG was in the first group on the 26th

OAG was represented by Auditor General, Deputy Auditor General and Audit Manager, Ms Nathalie Houarau.

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