As per a request made by the FPAC of the 6th Assembly, the OAG looked into the various land deals and transactions between the government and the political party presently known as United Seychelles.

The resulting report was submitted to the National Assembly and the Cabinet office in January 2021.

Audit found that, in 1993, at the dawn of the Third Republic, the Government of Seychelles (Government) transitioned from a one party state to a multiparty system of governance.

At the time, a delinking process took place to separate the SPPF (now United Seychelles), which was at that time the ruling political party from the government.

The delinking process involved the creation of a committee chaired by the Director of Lands at that time. The committee was tasked to carefully look at the propositions made by SPPF for the purchase or lease of various premises and sites for its offices.

Against this background, in 1996, the first batch of 21 parcels in 15 districts were transferred from Government to the political party. In 1997, as new electoral districts such as Les Mamelles, Roche Caiman and Au Cap were created, the political party made a further requests to Government for state land to set up their offices.

Consequently, an additional 25 parcels of land of were transferred from 1997 to 2017.

In all, a total of 46 parcels were transferred from the Government to the political party from 1996 to 2017 on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. These parcels covered more than 69,000 m² and amounted to total transactional value of SCR 5.7 million as indicated in transfer documents. However, the true value of majority of these parcels could not be established in the absence of evaluation reports.

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