Press Release: Performance Audit Report of the Seychelles Tourism Board

The Auditor General has laid before the National Assembly his report on the performance audit of the Seychelles Tourism Board on Tuesday 20th March 2012

The Seychelles Tourism Board was established in 2005 and it has the key objective of marketing the Seychelles. Over the past five years, the Seychelles Tourism Board has received Government funding of nearly SCR 229 million. Tourism arrival numbers to the Seychelles increased by 11 per cent in 2011, when compared to 2010.

The Seychelles Tourism Board has operated without a formal strategic plan or measurable aims and targets since 2005. This absence of measurable aims and targets means that the Government, Members of the National Assembly and the public are not able to judge accurately the value of the contribution to tourism made by the Seychelles Tourism Board.

Operation without a formal strategic plan has resulted in the Seychelles Tourism Board being unable to gauge accurately its performance and identify weaknesses in its operations. With a focus on developing performance analysis, value for money could be improved significantly by targeting resources in areas where the greatest economic return can be achieved.

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